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Meet the Team Behind DNA Chess

About Us

Adam Bhaloo

Founder and Executive Director

Adam Bhaloo is a senior at Trinity Valley School and has played chess for over a decade. He created the TVS Chess Club and Team which has ranked consistently top in the state. Adam finds chess to be common ground among all people as anyone despite their age or background can play. His mission with the organization is to bring the Fort Worth community together through the game of chess. Adam is also a certified USCF tournament director and runs all of the rated tournaments through DNA Chess. Despite being a high schooler, he continues to balance chess with his academics. Adam hopes to have the chess club outlast himself and stay in Fort Worth for years to come.


Ian Khan

Vice President

Ian, a 12th grader at Trinity Valley School, plays chess with the TVS Chess Team. He enjoys creating renderings and 3d-models in his free time using Blender. He also volunteers his time at many summer camps, working and inspiring the youth.

Meetings Assistant

Tejas, a 10th grader at Trinity Valley School, is a chess competitive chess player for over 5 years. He enjoys teaching at the chess club's weekly meetings and helping set up and break down supplies. In his free time, Tejas also enjoys teaching math through his summer camp and playing tennis. 

Tejas Sukesh

Our Coaches


Ryan Deering

Professional Chess Coach  (1800+ USCF rating)

Former coach for the Saint Louis Chess Club. 

Johnathan Cearley

Professional Chess Coach  (20 year experience)

Reach out for contact information

Former National Champion

Richard Perry

Professional Chess Coach  (2000+ USCF rating)

National Chess Master

Camp Counselors

Collin Fewins

Camp Counselor

A 12th grader at Trinity Valley School 

Andrew Perryman

Camp Counselor

A 12th grader at Trinity Valley School 

How to get a role

Interested in joining? Start by volunteering with us and we can move from there

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