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Meet our Partners and Affiliates

United States Chess Federation

The United States Chess Federation (USCF) oversees all rated chess events in the United States. They also partner with many chess clubs to increase publicity and credibility. The USCF website provides a list of the top 100 chess players, tournament crosstables, and archived ratings. To play in USCF-rated tournaments players will need a USCF membership. The DNA Chess Club is a certified club under the USCF.

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Texas Chess Association

The Texas Chess Association (TCA) oversees all texas state and national events. They host the annual Texas State Championships and many regional scholastic championships. The DNA Chess Club is a proud partner with the Texas Chess association.

Panera Bread and The Hyatt Place

Panera Bread is our prime location for chess club meetings and private lessons. Show some support at our weekly meetings by buying a drink or food from Panera. The Hyatt Place Cityview is where all of our summer camps are hosted. Thank you for providing us with space to play chess.

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Support us through your purchases

Click on these links when you make a purchase to Wholesale Chess, The House of Saunton, or DNA Chess gets a commission for all purchases through these links. logo_1617205589.webp
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